Scandinavian interior principles | Minimal and clean aesthetics
Scandinavian design is characterized by a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. Its focus is on simple lines and light spaces and devoiding of clutter.

These principles extend to all areas of design, including architecture, objects, electronics, and art, but it’s most commonly used to describe interior design, including furniture, textiles, ceramics, and lighting.
The Scandinavian design removes the unnecessary and showcases the essential elements of any product. The most-used Scandinavian colors are neutral and monochromatic – bright, warm whites with black and tan – with pops of color added used as accents.
Nature plays an important role in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries. Organic and natural materials are often featured prominently in Scandinavian design.
Wood bleached to a neutral color palette, cotton and plants are widely used in Scandinavian design. It's a clean yet warm theme combined with the soothing nature of a large, light-filled space without any of this kind of Scandinavian design.
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Images by Arina Voy.
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